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All vendors have been carefully selected, offering a personalized experience for you and your family when you attend this special event. Each of them strives to support new expat families in becoming self-sufficient in this beautiful city and its wonderful communities and is part of a tight-knit local network who believe that personal connections and building strong relationships with their clients is most important.

November 10th Vendor List

Little Lollipops

Little star Fitness

Baby Sensory

Little Van Gogh

Mini Professors

The Party Fairy

Wise Words Books

Fetch Car Sharing

Holgate Nannies

Mister Mortgage


Nannies at Night

Tiny Sleepyhead

Empower Amsterdam

Napp community


Contrary Gardens

The Clothing Compass

Launch Education Advisors


language sessions

Chiropractic Connection

Adapting To Love


Friends call me Jim


Winford Bilingual

Fres Interiors

Little Notes

Black Cat Theatre

Wise Words Books


Ronald Mc Donald House VUmC