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Amsterdam has plenty of fun activities available (in English) for babies, toddlers & kids of all ages! From music, to dancing, to art & sports classes - it's all available in Amsterdam! Wondering which activities are possible during the pandemic?  So many businesses have gotten creative to be able to still offer activities virtually or outdoors & hopefully soon can get back to welcoming your and your little ones to their facilities around the city. We are featuring a great group of local activity providers below & make sure to check out our full list of activities on our sister-site Amsterdam Families.

  • Dancing For Birth™ classes teach a “language of movement” specially designed for women in any stage of pregnancy and after birth. The movements are inspired by world dance forms like Latin dance, Caribbean dance, African dance and Belly dance.

    We practice techniques for comfort during pregnancy and the labor progress. We also stretch, relax and use inspiration/affirmation cards to share and discuss our motherhood journeys in a nurturing women circle.

    Dancing is a fun and gentle exercise that everyone can enjoy, even if you’ve been told you have two left feet! This is the perfect time to connect with your body and your baby through movement and awareness. You’ll be surprised at the numerous benefits for your pregnancy, your birth, your baby and your postpartum recovery.

    Learn more about our pregnancy dance classes & dance classes for Mama & baby.

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    Little Notes classes for babies, toddlers and pre-school children are bursting with live music. Led by a classically trained professional musician Francesca Clements, Little Notes will be instrumental in your child’s first steps.

    A magical blend of awesome instruments, groovy new songs and superb classics, Little Notes is a treasure trove of musical inspiration for your family. During 40 magical minutes each week, we will dance, sing, play, listen and explore.


    Our classes always start in a circle as we enjoy the topics and special pieces in our expansive curriculum, with opportunities to play instruments and move around. You will experience music from a whole host of different genres as well as spontaneous melodies.


    At Little Notes, our aim is to help you to love music right from the start.

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    Little Star Fitness provides fun, innovative, sports fitness and dance programs, birthday parties, holiday camps, and corporate entertainment specifically designed for children between the ages of 2-12.


    Our popular classes include activities like sport, dance, circus, aerial silks, and cheerleading. Our main focus is to improve children’s gross and fine motor skills, coordination, and rhythm whilst building the children’s self-confidence in a fun and non-competitive environment. Children who participate in Little Star Fitness sessions will further develop their love for physical activity, dance, and sport, assist with living a healthy lifestyle, decrease childhood obesity and increase confidence in all aspects of their life. All classes and activities are delivered in English; however, we do have coaches available who speak a variety of languages. 

    During all LSF sessions, children learn lots of different skills really important for everyday life, like teamwork, setting and achieving goals, listening and concentration, following instruction, communication, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination.

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    'We believe in the power of dance and movement as a tool for expression, communication and interaction.'

    With the individual strengths and needs of each child as a starting point we use dance and movement as a therapeutic tool for positive growth, for healing, and for development. 

    Growing up is a process which each individual goes through in their own way and both children and parents may encounter challenges or unexpected situations along that journey. We are there to support this process and offer a safe space to explore alternative ways of being and interacting, and to help children develop tools which can help them in daily life.

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    At Mini Professors we are passionate about science and we aim to inspire a generation. Our theme tune’s opening line is ‘Science is all around us’ and this reflects the ethos of our lessons. We feel that all children have a great thirst for learning from a young age and therefore, should be given every opportunity to develop and learn new skills and wonder at the world around them. Our science classes are suitable for curious kids 2-7 years old.

    We believe that science should be accessible to all. As with any language, children can easily absorb and learn from an early age. That is why we endeavour not to dumb down scientific terminology but explain scientific principles in simple terms with fun experiments. We encourage our Mini Professors to explore for themselves and interact as much as possible.

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    My Little van Gogh’s Art program has been designed with a focus on children's creativity development, inspired by the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy and other contemporary educational and artistic projects, our Atelier provides a nurturing space to express, experiment, create, tinkering and have fun.  

    Now it is even easier for you to explore, create and get messy with us. We have designed simple and fun activities you can do at home and professional guides to learn about process art and children's creativity development.

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    Theatre4Kids offers virtual drama classes to children (5-15 yrs.) around the world. Our program is run by qualified educators and is focused on the 4c’s: developing a child’s creativity, confidence, concentration and creativity. Small groups or private classes ensure personal attention from a dedicated teacher. Parents avoid the challenge of transporting kids everywhere. Our online classes are a great way for kids to try something they might be hesitant to try in person.

    Since our launch in May 2020, our multicultural classes have showcased 30 virtual performances with participation from children belonging to 15 different nationalities. Radio dramas and podcasts created by our students have also been featured on Amsterdam’s English radio station. We are currently available to children in The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, India and Indonesia. Theatre4Kids will soon be launched in multiple languages to better serve the global community.

    Find us on Facebook or get in touch with us via email thetheatre4kids@gmail.com

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    Looking for classes to teach your baby to swim? Then you’ve come to the right place. No one else reaches our high standards of professionalism, and no one else works harder to make sure you and your little one feel happy and safe.  

    From our extensive experience, we know that learning to swim at a young age offers all sorts of significant benefits. Baby swimming is a fascinating subject: there’s a long history to it, and a pattern to the way babies learn and the way their little bodies develop, and our lessons are all designed with this in mind.

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  • WOW Baby & Toddler Sensory.png

    At WOW, we know how important the time you spend with your child is and how much you love watching your child on their own special journey. Our classes are designed to create not only incredible learning experiences for your child but also unique shared and treasured moments of joy and fun for you.

    Our nationally award-winning WOW programmes for children bring the very best fully-accredited programmes to your neighbourhood. Our research means that each programme has been fully tested and tried to bring both the WOW and the underlying developmental learning for children from birth to key Stage 1 in the safest way possible. And we do it just down the road!

    Baby Sensory: Precious Early Learning for Babies (0-15 months): Baby Sensory provides hundreds of sensory development activities that are great fun for parents and babies to share in the vital first year. Mostly class inspires parents how to play with their babies in order to stimulate their development. 

    Toddler Sense: The Toddler Adventure Play program (15 months-4 years): Toddler Sense is an exciting introduction into learning through play, music and games. Classes are a combination of gym, dance, music, play and mostly FUN! Every week introduces new activities and a whole new adventure.

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