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Self-Care Services

When living abroad you will need to get used to the local healthcare system & may have questions about how to navigate the medical system, both for yourself & your children. You probably also want to know the best places to pamper yourself or enjoy a nice manicure or skin treatment. Expat Family Market features various resources to help you and your family find more information on health, wellness & self-care services in Amsterdam. 


Do you ever feel like any of the women pictured here, at the end of a long day?

A day full of everyone needing something from you?

A day when you desperately need
to recharge, but can’t find the time? Would you like to look and feel better about yourself, but you feel guilty about committing to that? 
You know the timeless analogy of putting on your own oxygen mask first?

Don’t wait until the airplane is about to crash, take 20 minutes right now for a video call that will have you feeling better and breathing easier again, after receiving some simple tips on how to use your wardrobe to boost your self-esteem.

Hi, I’m Tammy Parrish from The Clothing Compass. After we work together, you’ll
know how to:

  • Reflect your personality and ambition through your clothes and dressed each day accessories.

  • Time to get your self-confidence back and enjoy getting to wear.

  • Start mornings without wardrobe stress — save time by knowing what

  • Discover the stores and websites that carry clothes that you like, in your size. Is sustainability important to you? Secondhand gems? Subscription services? Renting clothes for the kids? I’ve got you covered.

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Chiropractic Connection

Chiropractic Connection is owned by Dr. Martin, who has more than 15 years of experience and loves helping people get out of pain and back to enjoying the things that mean the most to them. Whether that's being a loving mum or dad, grandparent, or performing their best at work or play.

As a Dad himself, making sure kids get off to the best start in life is very important to him and he is very dedicated to work with pregnant mums to ensure a smooth pregnancy and childbirth and also working with newborn babies and children to ensure they can have the best possible start in life.

His other passion is working with athletes. Elite professionals and weekend warriors both share the same goals of improving performance and preventing injuries. By identifying and correcting underlying structural imbalances and weaknesses we can help you to achieve your goals.

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Amsterdam Families

Expat Counseling Services

Moving to a new country can potentially put a mental strain on you and your families. Looking for support or counseling services? We have put together a guide to counseling services for international families on Amsterdamfamilies.com.


Amsterdam Families

General Dutch Healthcare Information

Looking for more information about the Dutch healthcare system - how to find a GP, who to call after hours & when to see which type of doctor? We have put together a comprehensive guide about navigating the healthcare system for families in The Netherlands on Amsterdamfamilies.com.

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