Childcare & Resources for Parents

While living in another country, you may not have family or friends nearby and wonder how you can build up a support system & community in Amsterdam. There are tons of childcare providers in the area and we are happy to feature a few on this page - as parents ourselves we know how important it is to find a caregiver who you trust with your child(ren). Curious about how daycare works and what options are available? Take a look at our guide over at Amsterdam Families for more information. And don't forget about building up a support system for yourselves as parents & individuals! There are many resources in the Amsterdam area which help parents to connect, find support & make new friends! 


I think of my services as a bridge between Science and Parents’ Soul. I use Science to inform, empower and nurture families in their journey into parenthood, providing interactive, creative and experimentally-inspired education around childbirth and child cognitive development. 

I root my classes on the latest insights from Physiology, Psychology and Neuroscience, making them available to parents, who will be guided to connect with their own intuition and to use it for making aware decisions. This enables a more conscious, effective and pleasurable experience of both childbirth and parenting, making the adventure of becoming a family one rich in joy and fulfilment.

A well informed and adequately supported parent will experience less frustration, exhaustion and hopelessness as their energy will be channelled towards the most effective tool: nurturing the relationship with their own body-mind and with their child. It is through this relationship that support for an optimal birth and child development can be offered. At the end of my courses, parents feel empowered to take on the most wonderful challenge of their lives: giving birth to and parenting their unique child. 

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Every Mother Knows

Are you an expat mum? Have you taken a break from work following your relocation? Do you feel lost and not sure how to apply your skills into the local job market? Every Mother Knows helps you get your career back on track. 

Our one-on-one coaching programmes are tailored to your needs and will help you:

  • Regain confidence in your professional skills and abilities after a parental break

  • Discover your new strengths, work interests and transferable skills

  • Identify a direction and focus for your next professional step 

  • Become familiar with the Dutch job market and how to find suitable work opportunities in The Netherlands

  • Learn some of the winning strategies to land your first job in The Netherlands.


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Moments with Mothers, founded by an Expat Mom living in The Netherlands, is a motherhood blog & community for Moms with stories about motherhood from around the world.

The global blog shares stories about all sides of motherhood, and features many local stories of Moms who support the community with various initiatives. MwM also organized many local events for Moms in the Amsterdam area prior to the pandemic (we hope that this will be possible again some day soon)!

Along side the blog, Moments with Mothers also sells greeting cards for Moms (designed by illustrators who are also mothers) and is currently selling unique Mother’s Day Gift Boxes including handmade products by female entrepreneurs living in Amsterdam.

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Nannies at Night is an agency specialized in night-time babysitters.

You can count on us for a nanny to watch your child throughout the night. That means that you can rest easy at night.

You can enjoy a good night’s rest while the nanny cares for your baby. At night, the nanny is responsible for all the tasks that have to do with your child(ren): rocking, comforting, feeding and changing. So you can start your day feeling fresh and well-rested.

In addition to night nannies, we also offer a (night) nanny for maternity leave, weekends, evenings, business trips and vacations.

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Party of 4 is a new iOS app launching in Amsterdam on April 12th. It is hard finding friends when you relocate. Have you ever asked for someone’s number at the playground? Or have your friends repatriated during Corona? Or do you have a friend couple where one person is cool but the other is a dud? Party of 4 is here to help. Created by Megan, an expat mom of 3 young kids living in Amsterdam. It’s for couples to find friends based on their location and phase of life they’re in (for example: if they have kids, no kids, just moved to a new city, etc). It is for finding friendship, totally platonic, and for couples only. It’s simple; a couple makes a profile together on the app and can then search and swipe through other cool couples in their area. If both couples swipe to the right on each other’s profiles, they will be connected to chat together in the app. 


The app will be available for download on April 12.  Sign up for the virtual launch today on the website www.partyof4app.com.

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(Super) Gentle Sleep Coaching for babies and children from 0-6 years old. Ola helps with any sleep issue you might struggling with. Frequent night wakening, early rising, short or no naps, night weaning and many more.


Schedule a free 15-min phone consultation at info@tinysleepyhead.com or call directly 0642344781

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Creative Workshop for Mamas and Slow Stitching Club. 

Join a creative community of Mamas. Express yourself and connect with others. There is no previous experience needed. All you have to do is show up! :)


First session of Creative Mama Workshop for FREE!!!!

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This is the place for fathers in Amsterdam, those who are already parents and those who are parents to be. This is the place to consult, share and get to know. There are discussions, there are questions, there are tips and there is a lot in between.

Being a father is a commitment. In every city, in every country, in every continent. From the first day we are asked "Well, when will you have kids?", Through two stripes on the pregnancy test stick to forever. As fathers, we are not in Amsterdam by mistake, every day we decide to stay here and not somewhere else. Being a father is a dedication at all hours of the day - at work, on sleepless nights and on weekends mornings when trying to give a few more minutes of sweet sleep to your partner. 

Amsterdam offers plenty of entertainment options for parents and children. The group is for those of us who are trying to navigate this complex and cool texture. Between drinking your favorite drink and finding the best deal on diapers. From the most amazing playground in the city to the best online shopping site.

Let’s make the best out of our Fatherhood!

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Boezemvriend is a concept store with a shop, breastfeeding center, studio, and cafe in the heart of Amsterdam right next to Vondelpark. 


We provide courses, such as a breastfeeding course, prenatal yoga, and many more. You can also buy the prettiest products to assist you during your pregnancy and the first months after your baby is born. From cribs to bibs, from baby carriers to breastfeeding essentials we have it all. We have lactation consultants that can guide and assist you with breastfeeding and if you need a breast pump you can rent those with us too! 


At Boezemvriend you will find the official Stokke Brand store (and yes we do have the new Stokke XPloryX stroller!) and Kindercompagnie Shop-in-Shop. From your pregnancy until toddler age, from breastfeeding up until eating together. 


Due to Covid-19, the majority of the activities are either online or on appointment-only basis, nevertheless, our lactation consultants are doing consults again and our shop is open for those who schedule an appointment. When it comes to breastfeeding essentials you can always visit the store even without an appointment.

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Robbeburg International Playgroup is a volunteer run non profit that has been making the lives of Amsterdam's Expat families better since 1974. We currently offer playdates, an opportunity for 2 families to catch up over coffee together in a large and safe space while their kids play. We also offer parties where adults from 2 families can supervise and entertain children under age 12.

We host regular events such as an Easter Egg Hunt and Halloween Trick or Treat. In normal times, as our name suggests, we are also home to a lively daily playgroup where children and their parents and carers can come socialize and support one another. Come experience our community!

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Amsterdam Families 

Babysitting Platforms

There are plenty of babysitting platforms & nanny agencies to choose from in Amsterdam. We have put together a comprehensive list to help you find the right support to care for your child(ren).

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Amsterdam Families

Daycare option in The Netherlands

Many children start daycare in the Netherlands as early as at 10-12 weeks old and there are various childcare options available in Amsterdam. From larger chains to smaller daycare facilities and a unique option of privately run in-home daycare called a 'Gastouder' - you will find many options to choose from in Amsterdam. Keep in mind that many facilities have waiting lists and it is best to register your child/ children as soon as possible - yes even before they are born!


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