Expat Family Market

Vendors with a heart for the International community

A fun informative day out for the whole family!


The Expat Family Market is the place to be for information on family life in Amsterdam. Not your typical expat fair, but a unique space bringing local small businesses together whose goods and services focus on supporting parents and families in the area – and who have a heart for the international community or are an expat themselves.​

Try out all the activities , Talk to experts about the Dutch education system and the Dutch Healthcare System. Get information on Housing, kids activities and what it's like to be an International Parent in Amsterdam.

Expat Family Market has a free entrance, but tickets are limited- and access only with online registration.


Optional donations are accepted when you reserve your tickets via the website and all proceeds from your generosity will support the Ronald McDonald House Foundation.

**The May 19th event raised more than 500 Euro  & a special donation of children's books worth more than 250 Euro donated by Bright-Eyed Books (an Usborne distributor).**


About the Founders

& Concept

The founders of Expat Family Market, Lana and Anna, are local entrepreneurs themselves, both with businesses which focus on supporting expat families in Amsterdam. Through their work and own journeys as parents living in the area, they realized how many great resources are available for (expecting) families new to Amsterdam, but that it can still be difficult to navigate the local systems, find the right resources, and build a strong community while living abroad.


Anna Meijer, Founder of Moments with Mothers, a community which hosts unique meetups for parents.


Lana Huf-Germain, Founder of Amsterdam Family Assistance, which provides services to help expat families settle in and get to know Amsterdam.


Anna is originally from the US and married to a Dutchie and a Mom to 3 year old twins.

Lana is a Dutchie herself, married to an American and a Mom to a 5 year old daughter.

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